IMG_5196IMG_5197IMG_5200William Stanley - Skeletecture - (Sculpture) William Stanley - Skeletecture - (Sculpture) William Stanley - Skeletecture - (Sculpture).






Half Pigeon skeleton, half structural parts. Standing perched like a prehistoric natural history exhibit, Skele-structure is a merging of the natural and the artificial. Printed with an SLS 3D printer Skele-structure explores the relationship between light weight bird skeletons and the attempt by man made structures to mimic the lightweight qualities of structures in the animal kingdom.

‘A 3D Printed Pigeonstein to Haunt Your Beautiful Dreams’ – Michael Molitch-Hou, 3d printing, January 15, 2016

‘This pigeon like bird/machine is truly a piece of modern art’ – Jakob Knabel,, January 18, 2016