Korowai Tribe Tree House (SLS 3D Printed 1:50 Scale model)

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Printed by selective laser sintering this 1:50 scale model constructed by WSDResearch forms part of a project examining the tree house structures of the Korowai people living in the Jungles of the South Eastern Papua. To escape threats including flooding, insects and rival clans the Korowai people construct tree houses in trees that can grow to 50-60 meters tall. Also aiming to gain respect from other clans the taller they build the houses the more respect they gain. Once a suitable tree has been chosen construction begins. Using many felled trees cut with stone age tools, around 5000m of rattan twine, 30 bundles of sago palm leaves for the roof and 20 rolls of tree bark for the floor and walls. Around forty clan members build these amazing constructions in about two weeks. With knowledge combined with skill and ingenuity the Korowai people have mastered their environment showing it a respect that is being lost elsewhere. Living a remarkable life in harmony with nature.